Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of artists will be there? And how many?

We are designing RESPIRO with visual artists in mind, extending the invite to artist friends from Italy and the United States. However, any artist from anywhere is welcome to apply! We welcome artists of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds to participate in RESPIRO. The group will be about 20 people in total.

Who will be accepted?

After your application has been submitted, there is a committee reviewing it, basing acceptance on the following elements: Desire and vision for spiritual and artistic growth, Portfolio Review, and CV.

How are travel plans being arranged?Is everyone traveling as a group or individually?

Each artist will be responsible for their own travel arrangements, purchasing airline tickets which correspond with the dates of the residency, and train tickets for arriving at the local train station of Paganico. Once you have your flight, we will ask for your itinerary so that we can arrange your transportation for the final leg of the trip from the local train station to the residence. Our suggested airports to fly into include, Florence, Pisa, and Rome.

How much will plan flights be?

Plan for at least $1000, though I know with some research and creativity it can be done cheaper. You can fly into Milan, Florence, Pisa, Rome, or even Naples and then take trains from there. You may need to stay the night somewhere if you do this, so keep that in mind. It will be a long travel day, but worth it!

Can my spouse come?

Absolutely!! The housing will cost more for couples, but costs for dining and car sharing will be the same for a spouse as they would for a participant. We would be happy to break the costs down for you.

Do I have to know how to speak Italian?

You don't have to know how to speak Italian now, but you must be willing to try to learn what you can while you are there. A teachable and willing spirit is crucial to thriving in this residency.

Are artists taking art supplies with them or are art supplies available there?

It is highly recommended that you bring the majority of your art supplies with you, packed in your checked luggage. There is a local art supply store in Castel del Piano and two in Florence, but the summer vacation time for the town in which all stores close for a month likely falls during the majority of the residency. Florence is similarly unpredictable for remaining open through the summer, but there will be some flexibility to pick up some supplies here and there. I would suggest planning to use simple and portable materials, returning to the "basics" of your craft. This is not the time to take on a 30 ft glass installation. Draw, paint, sew, collage, etc in whatever form and language you feel motivated to use.